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About Us

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Chittorgarh is an ancient city situated in the heartland of the Mewar region of Rajasthan. Chittorgarh is one of the famous places for international tourists, every year millions of visitors arrive here to see the well-known attractions of the city. The local economy thrives on tourism. There are thousands of businesses that have emerged and provide services to local customers and visitors.

Chittorgarh Darpan is an online business directory that’s started to help the local businesses to reach out to the customers. And customers to find out the best service-providers in Chittorgarh for the services they want. If you are a business owner and want your shop or hotel to get widespread recognition, getting listed to Chittorgarh Darpan, an online business directory for Chittorgarh, is an essential strategy.

Chittorgarh Darpan provides a listing of the local businesses, as well as the ‘Search’ facility for the customers. With the combination of listing and searching, owners get to list their business, and customers can find the available service providers, shops, stores, and hotels they want – all with a few finger taps.  Chittorgarh Darpan also maintains a regular publication of news and articles regarding the local events and happenings of Chittorgarh city.

We, at Chittorgarh Darpan, make sure that owners get to list their business quickly. You can add your listing to our business directory within a few minutes. The Search feature that we provide to the customers makes it easier for locals as well as first-time visitors to avail of any service without any problem.

Businesses get virtual outreach, and customers get quality service. If you want to reach customers with confidence, Chittorgarh Darpan is here to help you.

How to Add Your Business on Chittorgarh Darpan?

Visit the website: https://chittorgarhdarpan.com/

Click on the ‘Add Listing’ button on the top side of the webpage.

You need to select an appropriate plan, as per your requirement. Currently, we are offering a free plan for listing to our clients.

In the free plan, you get the following benefits:

  • Duration: 365 days
  • Map Display
  • Contact Display
  • Image Gallery
  • Business Tagline
  • Location
  • Tags/Keywords
  • Business Hours

Tip: Fill-O-Bot: If you don’t want to waste time filling up the details regarding your listing, you can take the help of our Fill-O-Bot. You need to turn on the extension, enter your business on Google Places, and the bot automatically collects the relevant data and fills the form for you.

The Details You Need to Add for Listing:

  • Listing Title: Enter the complete name of your business in this section.
  • Tagline: If your business has any tagline, you can turn on the feature and enter the tagline, it will be shown to readers along with the name.
  • Full Address: Either manually type the complete address of your business, or drop the pin on Google Maps, it automatically fetches the address.
  • Select the region where your business is located in the city.
  • Contact: Give the phone number and WhatsApp number for communication purposes.
  • Website: If you run a website of your business, enter the URL in this section.
  • Category and Services: Currently, we offer over 28 categories for businesses. From bike rentals to hotels and medicals, there are various categories for all types of businesses. Select the category according to your business, if the category doesn’t exist, inform us, and we will create one immediately for you.
  • Price Range: In this section, you can inform the customers about the pricing range of services you offer. From and To feature allows you to show minimum to maximum pricing of a general service you offer.
  • Business Hours: Here, you can select the business hours of your shop or store, which means the days and time it stays open for customers.
  • Social Media: If your company runs any social media accounts for public relations, pick the platform and enter the address of your handle.
  • FAQ: FAQ section is provided to clear out the doubts and questions your customers usually have regarding your services and business. You can give detailed answers to the questions in the FAQ.
  • More Info: Give additional description or information, if you want.
  • Media: You can upload a promotional video(if you have any), the logo of your business, and an appropriate image of your business in this section.
  • Enter Email and User-name: If you are new to the website, enter the email and a proper user name, if you already have an account, enter email and password. Tick on the ‘I Agree‘ button and proceed ahead to click on ‘Save & Preview‘. Once you proceed ahead, check if the details you provided are correct, after that you are done.

How to Search on Chittorgarh Darpan?

If you are a resident of the city of Chittorgarh or visitor planning to come here for the first time, our online business is equipped with all sorts of essential information for your help. From the listings of available businesses, service providers, and information regarding the city, you get everything in one place – Chittorgarh Darpan.

You can get any information about businesses of Chittorgarh and the area surrounding, on our business directory, all with just a few taps.

However, how to search for anything on this website? That’s quite simple.

Use our ‘Search’ feature:

  • On the homepage of Chittorgarh Darpan, you spot two dialogue boxes: What and Where. In the What section, type anything you are searching on the website. It could be food, hotels or any services. And next to it is Where list, from that drop-down list pick the area where you either live or look for the particular service provider or business.
  • Hit on the symbol of the magnifying glass to generate the searching query.
  • Once you hit on it, you will be displayed the list of all the businesses available related to your search query.
  • If you find any service provider that seems appropriate as per your demand, click on their listing link.
  • Once you click on any business’ listing, you will be taken to their page. On that page, you can read details like business description, business hours, full address, reviews left by customers, contact details, and links to their social media handles or website.

It’s easy to find anything on Chittorgarh Darpan with the above simple steps.