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Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020 – Complete Details

Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2020 – Complete Details
Chittorgarh Festivals

As we all know, Rajasthan is famous for its glorious history and cultural heritage. Basant Panchami is a festival to celebrate the arrival of spring, on this auspicious day Chittorgarh is hosting ‘Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2019’, a 3-day long festival for the tourists. The Chittorgarh district administration and Rajasthan tourism department have joined hands to boost tourism. This festival is going to be a tourist attraction that will give a massive boost to the local economy.

The district administration and tourism board are welcoming everyone to participate in this Chittorgarh Fort Festival 2019 to explore the cultural and historical heritage of the region and take part in the three-day event. As per our sources, this beautiful festival will take the tourists on a journey to show the significant elements of Mewari culture through various activities organised by local artists.

The Fort Festival Chittorgarh is an event you must not miss if you are planning to visit Rajasthan. You will be able to peep into the culture and history of Chittorgarh during this fort festival through various forms of local, traditional art. Authorities have arranged some special events for the tourists, such as kite flying, folk dance performances, and hot-air balloon rides over the skies of Chittorgarh.

According to Chittorgarh District Collector, the festival is organized for the first time to increase the footfall of tourists in the region. Similar cultural festivals were organized in other regions of the state, and they were successful in attracting tourists. Similar efforts by local authorities are being made to boost tourism and ensure that international tourists get the glimpse of the magnificent history of the region.

Vijay Stambh is one of the popular tourist attraction in the region, and it is going to be open for public from the Vasant Panchami. For the last 2 months, it was closed the tourists due to ongoing maintenance work.

If you are visiting Rajasthan during this period, we highly recommend you to visit Chittorgarh and attend this Fort Festival 2019. You can enjoy the local art performances, cuisines, and architectural marvels of the region.

The Events Details Are As Follows:

Before planning to visit this festival, it is essential to know the details of the events that are held in it. The following are the dates, timing and venue details for the event:

  • February 10, Sunday: A welcome ceremony is held for tourists at Gora-Badal Stadium, Chittorgarh. The ceremony will follow inauguration of the handicraft fair and Shobha-Yatra to the fort. Other activities like a wrestling match, Chittorgarh Kesari, dance competition and horse competition. Folk dance performances presented by local artists and fireworks show is organised at night.
  • February 11, Monday: On day two of the festival, a morning marathon ‘Run for Fort’ is arranged, followed by day-long events at Gora-Badal Stadium and Fatehprakash ground. After that, there are cultural evenings held for visitors.
  • February 12, Tuesday: On the third and final day of this Fort Festival Chittorgarh a Village Safari and traditional lunch is organised for international tourists at Bassi village. Tourists will get to see the traditional Mewari village, followed by the lunch prepared with delicious local cuisines. In the evening a Deep Daan event is organised at Ratan Singh pond. Finally, some folk art performances followed by a grand closing ceremony of the festival.

This festival is an excellent opportunity to explore the cultural and historical marvels that most of us are unaware of, a chance to interact with the locals who have their distinct art forms, language, and of course, delicious food. Even if you can’t come this year, you don’t have to worry as the authorities have promised that this festival is going to be organised every year.  Don’t miss the chance next time!

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